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Britches and Bows is a children’s boutique located in Mooresville, North Carolina, that sells cute, stylish, and affordable clothes for children. We offer a wide range of brands to fit any unique sense of style. We carefully select our clothes to provide our customers with the latest fashions. We believe that if your child looks good, you feel good!

Julianne Shirey


Julianne Shirey

Founder & Owner

Julianne Shirey is married to her soulmate Jason, and they have one precious little boy, Lawson, who was born premature at 27 weeks. During her 81 days in the NICU with her son, she spent time looking for cute, trendy outfits that he could wear once he left the hospital. It was during this time that Julianne fell in love with smocked and adorable clothing options for children of all ages. Julianne decided to open this boutique to help others share her joy in clothing at an affordable price. Julianne is super excited for this opportunity, and she hopes you love everything at Britches and Bows just as much as she does.